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My name is Blué Robert John O’Connor. I know, it’s strange, but I didn’t get to choose it. Just call me Blue. It’s easier for both of us that way 😉

I’m 29 and from a place called Bristol in the United Kingdom. It’s a great city, you should travel there sometime.

I studied and worked as an Aerospace Engineer for close to ten years. I worked on some interesting projects, learned some great skills and met life-long friends but I was always longing for a real adventure.

In the very pit of my stomach and in the back of mind, I always had the burning desire to travel the world. I just couldn’t ignore it any longer and during the end of 2014 I put the wheels in motion to live out one of my dreams.

Various work related issues, financial stability and my relationship situation just seemed to piece together and it felt like the universe had crafted the perfect exit for me. I decided to quit my job and set voyage to India, South East Asia and Australia.

I’m just an average guy, with a beard, an open mind and now I’m living a day to day existence that’s far away from average.

I’m happy you’ve come to my page and hopefully I can inspire you to do what you really want to do or just help you out along the way. Here you will find my personal blogs, travel articles, lifestyle tips and photographs.

“Travel is like any part of life. There will be highs and there will be lows. Travelling will intensify every emotion and make you feel alive. It will educate you like no school system ever could, so get out there and start your own adventure” – The Bearded Traveller 


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