Who are the World’s Biggest Pet Lovers?

They say dog is a man’s best friend and if global trends are anything to go on then this friendship is only growing.

We British are widely known as pet lovers and in 2016, 40% of households owned a pet (1).

So how do we compare to our counterparts overseas, who spends the most on their precious pets and what are the latest crazes and trends? Let’s find out!

In terms of pet ownership numbers the USA is the world leader. They account for 69.9 million dogs and 74 million cats (2).

International market research provider Euromonitor puts the global pet product market at US$100 billion (3). Within this share who is spending the most of their hard earned cash on their beloved pets?

Norwegian’s are in first place when it comes to buying food for their dogs. They spend an average of $53.22 a month on their best friends (4). 

So we know that the USA has the highest number of both dogs and cats but what markets are growing around the world. India has the fastest growing dog population with the total number of pups swelling by 58% between 2007 and 2012 (4). In terms of pet product spend, Latin America and Eastern Europe are the forerunners with each region showing a growth of 14%.

       Global Pet Care Growth (5)

Now we know some key stats and facts about the pet industry, let’s discuss some of the crazes and trends for 2017.

Humanisation – This trend continues to grow and is being adapted in emerging markets. More owners are treating their pets as part of the family and dressing / feeding them as if they were human. Half of all pet owners in the USA admit to talking to their pets while 27% admit to having had professional photographs taken of their pets (2).

Premiumisation – Premium pet food / treats and other products continue to grow with owners paying attention to “human grade”, “grain free”, “raw”, “hypoallergenic” or contain “superfood” ingredients.

Obesity – There is a worldwide growing obesity problem among both dogs and cats. Awareness is low but rising and there is an increasing array of therapeutic products designed to tackle it.

Pet Electronics – Interactive toys, smart feeders and Fitbit-style activity trackers, are growing in popularity as pet product technology develops.

So that’s it. We are now armed with the knowledge that 40% of British people own a pet, Norwegian’s spend the most in the world on pet food and pets are becoming more and more like a family member.

I hope you enjoyed the article and feel free to leave a comment.


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