There are a huge array of markets in Bangkok, but none standout quite like Rot Fai Vintage Market.


At Rot Fai market you will find an influx of independent clothing shops, fashion boutiques, thrift stalls, pop up bars, inventive food stalls, traditional barbers, skilled tattooists, retro automobiles, live music, vintage furniture and much, much more. 


The market is held on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It starts at 5pm and ends around midnight. 

I recommend not going on a Thursday as some things are closed, the music is less lively and there’s generally less of a buzz around the area. Double check the opening days and times on google before you leave as they are always subject to change.  

It’s pretty straight forward to get to Rot Fai Vintage Market but the fact that it’s not on the doorstop of a BTS or MRT stop means that less tourists seem to go there.

Follow these simple steps and you will arrive to your destination with ease. 

  • Jump on the BTS (sky train) and take the Sukhumvit line to the ‘On Nut’ stop
  • Leave the BTS and flag down a taxi on the side of the road 
  • Ensure the taxi is on the metre and ask to be taken to ‘Rot Fai Market’. Write this down beforehand as your taxi driver may not be able to understand you. If all goes well at this point, you will arrive at your destination. 
  • If the taxi driver does not know of Rot Fai Market then ask to go to ‘Seacon Square’. It is a big shopping mall next to the market. The taxi fare should around 100 THB, but this is dependant on traffic.
  • When you arrive at Seacon Square, walk along the pavement next to the shopping mall and walk away from the pedestrian bridge that runs over the busy main road.
  • You will pass a very big, car alloy wheel shop on your left.
  • Take the next road on your left.
  • Walk all the way down the arcade which will be lined with a few shops, restaurant, bars and lots of people. This is essentially the start of Rot Fai Vintage Market.


    • If you continue to walk down the arcade you will arrive at the first lot of market stalls and warehouse shops.
    • If you head to the very back of the warehouse building you will finally get to the second area of the market. This is the zone that contains most of the cool stuff such as the retro automobiles, thrift stores, pop up bars, barbers and vintage furniture. 
    • When you want to leave the market you can just do the original plan in reverse. Be aware that the BTS stops at midnight so you may have to get a taxi all the way back to your accommodation. Make sure your taxi is on the meter when you do this. 
    • I recommend installing the app ‘Map.Me’ and downloading the Thailand map, just in case you get lost or you want to track your taxi ride home. This app is great, once you download a map using the Internet, you can view it offline and track your location or make routes using your phones GPS for free. It’s been great for me. 

    So there you have it, that is how you get to Rot Fai Vintage market. Feel free to leave a comment and let me know if these directions were helpful or if there are any changes / issues with the route. I hope you enjoy the market as much as I did. 


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      1. I did see a few type writers in the very back of the market. They where in the area with the vintage vehicles and furniture. Let me know if you find one, I’m sure you will there. Good luck

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